Thursday, June 22, 2017

     Can I just say that I have been using my knot genie for about 3 years. Yes, it has lasted that long and still works just as great. Just the other day I had so many knots and tangles in my hair from being in the pool. No other brush would work for me so I brought out my knot genie and go to work which, to be honest, wasn't there isn't much work when it comes to the knot genie.
This here is a before and after a couple years back I wish I would've taken a picture of my knots a couple days ago. Those were worst and my hair ended up like the second picture yet again. I love this little brush it's kind of weird to use but it works miracles.I believe the knot genie I received was under 15 dollars. The knot genie is a life saver especially when you have little kids who hate having their hair brushed.

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